Yogi Bear And Friends DVD 2013

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Collection of episodes from the first series of the original Hanna-Barbera animated show following Yogi Bear (voice of Daws Butler) and his friend Boo-Boo Bear (Don Messick) around Jellystone Park. The episodes are: 'Oinks and Boinks', 'Major Operation', 'Out of Luck Duck', 'Booby Trapped Bear', 'Feud for Thought', 'Hop, Duck and Listen', 'Gleesome Threesome', 'Live and Lion', 'Dog Flight', 'A Bear Pair', 'Fraidy Cat Lion', 'Easter Duck', 'Spy Guy', 'Royal Ruckus', 'Foxy Duck', 'Do Or Diet', 'The Roaring Lion', 'Railroaded Duck', 'Bears and Bees', 'Paws for Applause', 'Duck Hunting', 'Biggest Show-off On Earth', 'Knights and Daze' and 'Whistle-Stop and Go'.

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