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There ought to be a law against making laws this wacky! But since there isn't, why not have fun with the silliest statutes, looniest lawsuits, and dumbest decisions on record? Who ever thought a law book would be funnier than a joke book? Well it is--just take a look at these: Children under the age of seven can't attend college in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.


Presents information about unusual American laws, including information on seaweed collecting, bingo regulations, bear wrestling, and frog jumping.

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"Informative, entertaining. A] terrific book."-Jonathan Yardley, "The Washington Post"When Michael Schaffer and his wife drove to a rural animal shelter and adopted Murphy, a mistreated Saint Bernard, they vowed that they'd never become the kind of people who, say, get their dog a facial treatment. But then they started to get weird looks from the in-laws: You hired a trainer? Murphy is on antidepressants?It turned out Murphy wasn't alone: yesteryear's pooch has moved from the backyard doghouse to the master bedroom, evolving from man's best friend to bona fide family member.


Weird US laws tells all about the strange laws cities and states across the country have enacted. In Alabama, you can't share a pie, or take home leftover pie. In Omaha, a man can't shave his chest. And in Coeur D'Alene, Idaho, if an officer suspects you're having sex in your car, he must honk three times and wait two minutes before approaching your vehicle!

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