The State Its History And Development Viewed Sociologically Classic Reprint

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The State first appeared in Germany in 1908. Since then a Hungarian edition has been published, a French translation has been made, and Roumanian and Italian translations are in course of preparation. Perhaps it is not surprising that the faculties of the great German universities maintained complete silence about this work, just as they had done in the case of most of the authors other books, while in the meantime they put the stamp of their highest approval on less worthy publications.


College 33(o THE MAN (1864 ): Franz Oppenheimer, one of a fairly large number of British, French and German physicians who abandoned their medical pursuits and rose to fame as political economists, was born in Berlin. He studied and practiced medicine, became private Lecturer of Economics at the Berlin University in 1909, and Professor of Sociology at the Frankfort University in 1919.

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