The Role Of The Soviet Union In The Second World War

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For most of the second half of the twentieth century, the United States and its allies competed with a hostile Soviet Union in almost every way imaginable except open military engagement. The Cold War placed two opposite conceptions of the good society before the uncommitted world and history itself, and science figured prominently in the picture. " Competing with the Soviets" offers a short, accessible introduction to the special role that science and technology played in maintaining state power during the Cold War, from the atomic bomb to the Human Genome Project.

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Although the Allies claimed victory at the end of the Second World War, the United States' invention of the atomic bomb and its replication by the Soviet Union posed new dangers for all nations. "In Peace Prepared "examines what Canada's Cold War Army did to prepare for war against the Warsaw Pact armies - and why and how it did it. Drawing on previously classified documents from both sides of the conflict, Andrew Godefroy reveals that although the Third World War never happened, peacetime operations played a significant role in the evolution of Canada's army.

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The Role of the Soviet Union in the Second World War

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