The Road To Avonlea Season 6

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Season Six of the award winning television series: Road To Avonlea takes on a more mature tone in season six as the characters of Avonlea grow and continue to face overwhelming hardships, as well as pleasant surprises. Sara Stanley shocks Avonlea when she announces she is leaving to study in Paris and Felicity King finally accepts Gus' proposal of marriage, only to learn that he is lost at sea.


Road to Avonlea Season 1 and 2 Volumes 26 episodes Special Features: Behind the scenes, Screen Test, francais With Special Guest Stars: Michael York, Peter Coyote, Madeline Kahn Road to Avonlea Season 3 and 4 Volumes 26 episodes Special Features: Behind the scenes, francaisWith Special Guest Stars: Christopher Lloyd, Meg Tilly and Christopher Reeve Road to Avonlea Season 5 Volumes Disc 1: 53: Fathers and sons, Guest Bios, Behind the scenes with never before seen interviews Disc 2: 54: Memento Mori, 55: Modern Times, 56: Friend in Need, 57: Stricly Melodrama Disc 3: 58: The great race, 59: Stranger in the night, 60: Someone to believe In, 61: Thursday's Child Disc 4: 62: Best laid plans, 63: Otherwise engaged, 64: Enter Prince Charming 65: The Minister's Wiife Special Features: Behind the scenes with never before seen interviews and Francais With Special Guest Stars: Bruce Greenwood, Jaimz Woolvett and Stockard Channing Road to Avonlea Season 6 Volumes Disc 1: 64: The return of gus pike, behind the scenes Disc 2: 67: Lonely Hearts, 68: Christmas in June, 69: Fools and Kings 70: Coming and Goings Disc 3: 71: The trouble with Davey, 72: Great Expectations, 73: A Fox Tale, 74: The More Things changes Disc 4: 75: Home is where the heart is, 76: What a tangled web we weave, 77: A Time to every purpose, 78: Homecomming Special Features: Behind the scenes With Special Guest Stars: Faye Dunaway, Maureen Stapleton and Sarah Polley Road to Avonlea Season 7 Volumes Disc 1: 79: Out of the ashes, Special features, behind the scenes and scereen tests Disc 2: 80: Love my be the neighbours ain't, 81: Davey and the Mermaid, 82: Woman of importance, 83: Secret and Sacrifices Disc 3: 84: Mystery of life, 85: King of the Great White Way, 86:

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