The Book Of Clever Beasts Studies In Unnatural History

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First published in 1904, The Book of Clever Beasts hits off writers who have returned to nature and made intimate friends in the animal world. Myrtle Reed describes the intelligence to be found among our kindred of the wild... I felt myself observed. Turning, I saw upon my door-sill a little white-throated Field Mouse, sitting upright, and waving a friendly paw at me in salutation.


Excerpt from The Book of Clever Beasts: Studies in Unnatural HistoryWhat you need, said this gifted scientist to me, is absolute rest and quiet. If you do not pack up and take to the woods within three days from the receipt of this notice, I will not answer for the consequences. Your brain is slowly but surely giving way. Your batteries are becoming exhausted and must be renewed if measurable currents are to be expected.

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