Stability Ball Exercises

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EXERCISE BALLS: ULTRA TOUGH CONSTRUCTION FOR PERFECT CORE WORKOUTS! Do you love working out and rather than endless sit-ups, would like a super convenient way of performing back, stomach and core strengthening exercises? Would you like a super durable exercise ball with an ultra safe, high grip surface? If so, our Exercise Balls are the perfect choice! With an extra large diameter, our Exercise Balls are perfect for home workouts with a tough, rubberized surface allowing you to perform a range of balance and stability exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, perfect for use with yoga, pilates or for general strength and balance training! Ideal for the home gyms, our Exercise Balls are manufactured from ultra tough, burst resistant rubber, perfect for tough or weighted exercises, with a non-slip surface for safe, everyday use.


The most comprehensive compilation of stability ball exercises available. Over 450 exercises with the stability ball, also know as the Swiss ball or strength ball. Plus even more variations. Efficient one-on-one, partner and group exercises at all levels, for beginners, intermediate and advanced exercisers, including Olympic Athletes. With more than 900 photos and step-by-step text on proper exercise technique.

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