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This Vtech toy is a Spanish toy and is made for Spanish speakers. Puede colgarse en el cochecito o quitar la sombrilla para que se convierta en un juguete con los tres suaves animalitos. â ¢ 3 divertidos personajes de tela. â ¢ 4 canciones y 20 melod -as. â ¢ 2 modos de juego: Modo D -a y Modo Noche. o Modo D -a: el beb © escucha animadas canciones y frases.

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English in 100 days, a complete program drawn up especially for the Spanish speakers who arrive in the United States in search of better opportunities, now with 3 Audio CDs In this new edition with 3 audio CDs, you will find many dialogues pronounced by Americans in the United States as well as various listen-and-repeat exercises. In addition, the explanations and translations contained in the program will help guide any student through the learning process.

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Condition: NewPackage: RetailThe ThinkPad USB 3.0 Dock provides a quick and easy connection to all the workspace peripherals you use every day. Simply plug in a single USB 3.0 cable into your Lenovo PC for instant access to up to two external monitors, Gigabit Ethernet, headphones/speakers, USB printers and scanners, keyboard, mouse, and up to 5 Gbit/s access to external storage (over 10 times faster than USB 2.

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