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This is the only DVD that includes all four of these half-hour Rick Steves' Europe TV shows—Lisbon and the Algarve, Portugal's Heartland, Israel, and Egypt—plus extras. New and updated extras include: Rick Steves' European Insights; Opening the Door to Luther, with Rick Steves; and Rick Steves' Europe: Six Seasons of Bloopers.The DVD and Blu-ray discs are of the highest broadcast quality with closed-captioning.

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Rick's 4 half-hour "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows on Portugal, Israel and Egypt, filmed entirely on location, are together on a single DVD - plus Rick's European Insights, Luther and the Reformation, and TV Bloopers extras. Here's where we'll take you. "Lisbon and the Algarve" - Experiencing the best of Portugal, we start in Lisbon, a ramshackle mix of glorious old and fun-loving new.

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Includes: "Italy's Cities" - 8 shows, "Italy's Countryside" - 8 shows, "France" - 8 shows, "Spain" - 8 shows, "Germany, Benelux & More" - 8 shows, "Austria & the Alps" - 7 shows, "England & Wales" - 8 shows, "Ireland & Scotland" - 6 shows, "Scandinavia" - 7 shows, "Eastern Europe" - 8 shows, "Greece, Turkey & Portugal" - 8 shows, "Travel Skills & Specials" - 6 shows, "Travel Extras" - 6 shows and outtakes.

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