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"Mike & Molly" is a love story. It's about two people, ordinary yet extraordinary, who have always protected themselves and relied on their ability to laugh through life. Now, with the help of each other - and the Overeaters Anonymous meeting where they met - they are learning to open up and trust one another. But falling in love is no easy task, especially when surrounded by friends and family who are just a little too close - and a little too opinionated.

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Lina's gang and their new ally Pokota are hot on the trail of the Hellmaster's Jar! It's no ordinary piece of pottery - it holds the soul of Rezo the Red Priest. Opening the vessel and resurrecting Rezo is the only hope Pokota has of saving his kingdom's people. With masked assassins, headless knights, and shifty Xellos in the mix, only one thing is certain: destruction is guaranteed! Contains all 13 episodes.

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