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"Mystery Weekend": She's an avid mystery lover and bookseller, for whom crime has been comfortably confined to the pages of her favorite novels - until a real-life murder turns a weekend of fun and games into a chilling whodunit. The quaint mystery bookshop bequeathed to Samantha Kinsey (Kellie Martin) may be struggling, but the idea she's concocted for the weekend should drum up some killer publicity - a book signing by three very popular and very competitive mystery writers: Maura Hobbs (Colleen Camp) Angela Cooke (Beth Grant), and the reclusive Clare Beckman (Beth Broderick).


Mystery Woman: Mystery Weekend After a mystery writer is murdered at her book signing, the book store owner, Samantha, turns sleuth and exposes a convoluted plot of blackmail, greed and deceit that would stump Agatha Christie. Mystery Woman: Snapshot A millionaire's inheritance provides Samantha with a wealth of suspects when suspicion of foul play shakes a family tree with more than its share of rotten fruit.

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