Manchester United 1958 68

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A chronicle of Manchester United from the aftermath of the Munich disaster in 1958 to European Cup victory in 1968. The book examines those ten years and looks behind the scenes, recalling what it was like to be a player and the glory of United's historic victories.


Rising from the Wreckage is the definitive story of Manchester United's resurgence, from the ashes of a German runway to a balmy May evening at Wembley and the pinnacle of European football. Jimmy Murphy arrives back in Manchester unaware of the disaster at Munich, but soon discovers that he is now at the helm of a shattered club. Distraught, but a fighter, the Welshman uses the resources at hand and supervises the necessary rebuilding of Manchester United from scratch, and as Matt Busby returns to the fore, together they begin to create yet another outstanding United team.

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