Kids In The Hall The Pilot

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Scrappy pilot-in-training "Ace" Holden (Billy Halop), together with his wacky motormouth mechanic "Bolts" (Huntz Hall) and the rest of the Dead End Kids, are caught up in a fiendish plot to overthrow the government by the Black Dragon Society. Led by the evil Baron (Lionel Atwill), The Black Dragons are out to destroy America's defenses so they can seize control.

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From romantically challenged cabbage heads to serial head crushing, five men from Canada turned sketch comedy into a bizarre, irreverent, and always hilarious weekly showcase of side-splitting unpredictability. That they often did it wearing women's clothes made it ever funnier. Now for the first time ever, all the great moment from the debut season of "The Kids In The Hall" are collected in this comprehensive DVD set jam-packed with bonus features including fan-selected sketches from the fan-favorite pilot episode, interviews, and never-before-seen performances.

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