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All-in-one home alerting with door notification, phone notification and flashing alert- Family and friends play a big part in our lives and it is important to stay in touch with the ones we care about the most- Bellman Symfon offers a proven solution for those of you who sometimes have difficulty hearing the doorbell or when the telephone rings- Care is a complete home alerting solution for people who sometimes have difficulty hearing the doorbell- It includes a powerful flash receiver that is connected to your telephone and an intelligent doorbell transmitter- Place the Push Button Transmitter outside your home as a doorbell, once someone presses the button it sends a wireless signal to the Flash Receiver- The Flash Receiver, placed in another part of the house living room, bedroom, etc, then produces bright flashing lights to let you know that someone is waiting outside your door- Connect a telephone line to the Flash Receiver and be notified of incoming telephone calls- Item Weight - 2 lbs- SKU: HRSC2223

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