Gadget Boy And Heather

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The bionic boy saves the world not once but four times over in this exciting laugh fest from the creators of Inspector Gadget . See our diminutive bionic hero battle the evil Spydra with a little help from nanny Heather and robotic canine sidekick G-9. In our first action-packed episode Spydra steals all the world s airplanes and Gadget Boy has to get them back.


Spydra is at it again. Will the bionic boy triumph against her evil ways once more? Watch as he goes head to head with Spydra four times over in these exciting adventures from the creators of Inspector Gadget ! First Spydra steals the Mona Lisa and kidnaps the famous painter! Gadget Boy Agent Heather and G-9 combine efforts gadgets and some invisibility powder to rescue the painting in time for its unveiling.

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