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What if our lives, social and professional, could be changed for the better by cosmetic surgery or even a simple lunch-hour procedure? A recognized leader in the plastic surgery field, Dr. Copeland draws on years of clinical experience to guide readers th

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Americans are as safe, well fed, securely sheltered, long-lived, free, and healthy as any human beings who have ever lived on the planet. But we are down on America. So why do we hate us? According to Dick Meyer, the following items on this (much abbreviated) list are some of the contributors to our deep disenchantment with our own culture: Cell-phone talkers broadcasting the intimate details of their lives in public spacesWorship of self-awareness, self-realization, and self-fulfillmentT-shirts that read, "Eat Me"Facebook, MySpace, and kids being taught to market themselvesHigh-level cheating in business and sportsReality television and the cosmetic surgery boomMultinational corporations that claim, "We care about you.

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'Can We Live Forever?' addresses the modern debate about the Life Extension Project that results from revolutions (actual and predicted) in bio-medicine, transplantation, cosmetic surgery, genetic counseling, stem cell research, cryonics, cloning and so forth that cumulatively promise to deliver eternal life or at least 'prolongevity'. In an engaging and thought-provoking work, the author traces the rise of the Life Extension Project and its claims against an intellectual background of recent analyses of 'waste', sustainable environments and complexity theory.

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