Biblical Inner Healing

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This is a book about inner healing ministry and therapy. The author, Dr. William Day, is a hybrid of psychotherapist and minister. He first describes his own tortuous journey that finally led to real healing. He then shows how this healing and subsequent training shaped the development of his private practice: Deep Healing Psychotherapy. The book has a two-fold focus of distinguishing Biblical inner healing from New Age spirituality and firmly anchoring its roots and substance in the heart of the Gospel.

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Biblical Inner Healing is a Biblical response to secular psychology, describing the Biblical worldview, its contrast with secular and pagan worldviews, and how one's worldview determines the possiblity for radical healing of the self. It includes the foll

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This straightforward handbook by Mike Flynn and Doug Gregg shows how God can set a new course for our lives and provides us all the tools necessary to embark on a journey of inner healing. Writing from a biblical perspective which seeks to correct common myths and misunderstandings about this vital ministry, Flynn and Gregg's work will be valued both by those who want to help their hurting friends and neighbors and by those who are seeking healing in their own lives.

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