White Picket Fences

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NOTE:These fences are decorative fence,so they are thin,Please note. This price is for one pack of 4 pieces. Each piece is 25cm long and 30cm high. One pack is 100cm in total. White Plastic Picket Fence for Christmas Tree Wedding Party This white fence is made from environmental protection material, suitable for courtyard, garden fence, restaurants, hotels, guesthouses and other high places decorative fence, simple and elegant.


The White Picket Fence Garden Border (1 Pack of 8 panels)makes it easier to keep your garden neat and tidy and give a greater definition to your outdoor space. The White fence borders are made from plastic and moulded to look like real white wooden picket fences. Each panel has 2 spikes to enable it to be placed into any soft ground surface. The panels are flexible and are perfect for placing around flowerbeds and plant borders protecting them from invasion and keeping them neat and tidy and can also be placed alongside the lawn edge, creating a more streamlined look to your garden.


This White Garden Fence set consist of 4-pieces fences,very easy assemble. It fits any contour for custom landscaping, around trees, flower beds, bushes, garden, yard, and more. Durable, easy-clean plastic construction bends easily to create edging curves, circles, corners and squares!

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