The Sound Of Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Limited Edition

All prices for 'The Sound Of Girls Aloud Greatest Hits Limited Edition' include the approximate cost of delivery to an address within the UK.

These items are stunning and look fantastic on office/home walls and are great talking points. A must for a fan or collector. A stunning Limited Edition Cd Display of the Artist/s. Each one is Limited to only 100. The item shown on listing is #1 but the one you will receive will be between #1 and #100. Comes with a Certificate of Authenticity with a Limited Edition Number.


Exclusive Limited Edition Platinum Disc LP with CD. Century Presentations framed item. This fantastic item will look great displayed on your wall. Normally seen in the homes of artists and on the walls of record companies. This disc comes with an engraved plaque which has the limited edition number on it. Each one is limited to 20. You will receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

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