The Secret Adversary A Tommy And Tuppence Mystery

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"My very first grown-up book, I distinctly remember going to the library and my mom helping me pick out an Agatha Christie book. GILLIAN FLYNN, author of "Gone Girl" "[Agatha Christie wrote] brilliantly compact, stylized and efficient mysteries...the genre in its lean classic English form fit her like a cat burglar's thin black glove." JOHN UPDIKE, author of "The Witches of Eastwick" "I love Agatha Christie's novels.


Agatha Christie's second novel is the first appearance of Tommy and Tuppence, who went on to appear in three more novels and a collection of short stories. As is so often the case with Agatha Christie, she's written a fair-play mystery, but odds are you won't know the identity of the adversary until she reveals it.

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