The Cinema Of Robert Zemeckis

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Lobby cards are like posters but smaller, usually 11x14 inch (28 x 36 cm). Lobby cards are collected and their value depends on their age, quality and popularity. Typically issued in sets of eight, each featuring a different scene from the film. In the United Kingdom, sets of lobby cards are more typically referred to as "Front Of House" cards. Lobby card sets were 8 pictures from a film for the cinema to place in the lobby to advertise it, these were always promotional items and never intended for re-sale.


Framework painted subject cast away is a film of 2000 direct from Robert Zemeckis and starring Tom Hanks. Was Projected In Cinema Italian the 12 January 2001.Ready to Hang, No need to frame. The edges are painted by continuing the image. Size 40 x 30 cm, thickness 1 cm -

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