The Autobiography Of Benjamin Franklin Franklin Benjamin Biography

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A Benjamin Franklin Reader BENJAMIN FRANKLIN'S GREATEST WRITINGS "Edited and Annotated by Walter Isaacson" Selected and annotated by the author of the acclaimed "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life, " this collection of Franklin's writings shows why he was the bestselling author of his day and remains America's favorite founder and wit. Includes an introductory essay exploring Franklin's life and impact as a writer, and each piece is accompanied by a preface and notes that provide background, context, and analysis.


DIFFERENT OFFER (this item listed here is DIFFERENT from the title and/or picture above. Please see description & pictures by BookGems before placing an order): Edition Norton & Co., A Norton Critical Edition, 2012. Contains an authoritative text, Contexts and Criticism. Edited by Joyce E. Chaplin. ISBN: 978-0393-93361-5. PAPERBACK. 471 pages, size: 13 x 21.


Autobiography and Other Writings Benjamin Franklin's writings represent a long career of literary, scientific, and political efforts over a lifetime which extended nearly the entire eighteenth century. Franklin's achievements range from inventing the lightning rod to publishing Poor Richard's Almanack to signing the Declaration of Independence. In his own lifetime he knew prominence not only in America but in Britain and France a.

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