Super Password

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4GB PCM, Recorder MR-1000, Voice & Telephone Recorder. SVOS (Super Voice Operated System): Voice Detection Auto Recording, Standby Time 110 days. World's First, World's Longest Time Features - Voice detection auto recording for max. 110 days - Auto telephone recording by SVOS for max. 200 days without pressing recording button each time and without changing battery - In case of using SVOS switch on the left side, you can make a secret recording thanks to no display on LCD(VOS in menu can make display) - Linear PCM voice recording of original sound quality - Password setting to block the playback and PC connection of other people - USB Flash Drive : 4GB memory built-in - Recording time: 4GB- 24 hours/PCM, 65 hours/HQ, 130 hours/SP, 260 hours/LP (8GB- 48 hours/PCM, 130 hours/HQ, 260 hours/SP, 520 hours/LP) - File recovery: file is saved even though battery is discharged during recording - Noise filtering: LCF(low band noise removal), Voice(voice band emphasis), Normal - Record by PC USB or USB AC adaptor without draining battery - MP3, WAV, WMA playback - Playback speed control, Section repeat, Scan play, Delete - ALC Function(Automatic Recording Level Control) - Numbers of folders & files : 4 folders(A,B,C,D), 999 files per folder - High quality speaker built-in - Power : DC1.

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