Smart Mouse Trap Humane Mousetrap

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HomemoH Smart Mousetraps No Pain No Kill This Humane Smart Mousetrap is easy to use and catch mice effectively. Good ABS transparent plastic means trap is easily monitored. Plentiful ventilation reduces stress to caught mice. You can free them out far away if you want. No harm to children and pet, environmentally safe with no dangerous chemicals or poisons, will make your life more clean and convenient.


Durable Design We use more durable ABS material and add air holes meant to prevent mouse choke to death Humane This mousetrap is very humane. It does not inflict any pain on the mouse. The trap door too isn't triggered unless the mouse gets close to the trap's far end, which means that the tail will not get caught by the trap. Safe There isn't any poison or glue used for this trap.

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