Simcity Cities Of Tomorrow Limited Edition PC DVD

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What kind of future will you build for your city?Will you create a utopian society underpinned by clean technology, or allow a giant corporation to plunder and pollute in the name of feeding your Sims insatiable consumerism? In addition to expanding outward, cities will have the ability to build into the sky with enormous multi-zone MegaTowers. Education and research will help you discover new technologies that make your cities less polluted, less reliant on natural resources, managed day-to-day by service drones, and as a byproduct at risk for resource-draining giant robot attacks on your city As the population increases, your Sims will live, work, and play closer together.


Build into the sky: Create Towering multi-zone megatowers that allow your Sims to live, work, and play without ever having to touch the ground.; New Disaster: Brace yourself for an all-new type of disaster only fitting a technologically-advanced Economy: A giant robot attack on your city.; corporate consumerism vs. Green Utopian unlock two new city specializations that allow you to build a resource-hungry Mega Corporation powered by a low-wealth Workforce, or an urban Utopia that develops clean technology and is controlled by the rich.

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