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INCLUDES FREE AUDIO BOOK AND SEO EXPERT STRATEGIES CHEAT SHEET * SEO Strategies Are NOT Timeless If You Are NOT Up To Date You're Dead In The Water * Are you frustrated with your efforts to rank higher in Google?Are you living in constant dread of the next algorithm change?Is your niche not providing you with the steady flow of customers you were promised?Do you feel that SEO is a mystical art, performed by sorcerers, that works for other businesses but not yours?JUST READ AND APPLY In this action-oriented book you'll discover the secrets that an experienced SEO consultant uses to routinely bring his clients to where the REAL MONEY is made - the front page of the search results SEO Expert Strategies is rammed full of the strategies and tactics PRESENT DAY agency professionals and entrepreneurs use in their high performing SEO campaigns The author provides basic and advanced SEO strategies that any local business owner can immediately put into practice Not only that, but if you are thinking of outsourcing your SEO then the knowledge you'll uncover in this book will put you in a powerful position to negotiate price and ensure the work isn't done by some cowboy operation WHY YOU NEED AN 80lb GORILLA IN YOUR CORNER Google is the new telephone directory People today are savvy; they don't wait around to find your services Instead they whip out their mobile device and find what they're looking for en route to work, in their lunch break, or whilst shopping Google is the 80lb gorilla of search If your website can't be found in Google then you're missing out, big time If you're not on that first page, you're Toast SEO EXPERT STRATEGIES IS A $10,000 WORKSHOP IN A BOOK This book will equip you with the vital information that you need to understand how Google's algorithm works TODAY (not last year) Let this book reveal to you the secrets that others have paid tens of thousands to acquire "INSIDE YOU'LL DISCOVER"The difference between paid and organic traffic (SEO can never 'die'

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