Robosapien Multi Speed Fast Dynamic Walking Running And Turning Robot

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NMIT® RoboActor Interactive Programmable RC Robot - Intelligent Walking Running Remote Control Robot 67 Pre-Programmed Functions - Humanoid Robosapien with Attitude Infrared Remote Controlled Real multi-speed fast dynamic walking, running, and turning. Fast, full function arms with two types of grippers 67 pre-programmed functions including pick-up, throw, kick, dance, burp and more.


Please Note: Unfortunately we are no longer stocking this product, please do not click the 'E-mail me when back in stock' option. For great alternatives, check out the products below! There's something eerily familiar about Robosapien 1 that gives the collywobbles to those of use at gadgetshop HQ who are conversant in these matters. It's not just the seven independent servo motors in this ground-breaking bi-ped robot that give it lifelike movement.

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