Rob Dyrdeks Fantasy Factory

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The fantasy continues for skateboarding legend Rob Dyrdek and his crew as they return for another quirky season of chaos and laughter at the Fantasy Factory. Packed with guest stars and even more action, Season Two is the Fantasy Factory at a whole new level. Along with Rob for the insane journeys are his cousin Drama, his naysaying manager, Jeremy, the "rapping receptionist" Chanel, and Rob's awkward, injury-prone skate coach, Big Cat.


The insanity continues for skateboarding legend and business mogul, Rob Dyrdek, inside the walls of his continually evolving canvas of creativity known as The Fantasy Factory. In the most ridiculous season yet, Rob invents the world's first skateboarding car, jumps out of a five-story building, attempts to get towed onto a big wave in Kauai with the help of Laird Hamilton, and tries to make the world's most expensive grilled cheese.

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