Power Rangers Super Megaforce Silver Morpher

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Morph into the Power Rangers Super Mega force Silver Ranger with the Legendary Silver Morphed! The Silver Ranger found his unique Morphed buried in a chest in a quarry on his alien planet. Now you can power up like the Silver Ranger to defeat the forces of evil by opening the Morphed to insert a Legendary Ranger Key and unlock battle sounds! The Legendary Silver Morphed comes with 1 Ranger Key, which can also be inserted into other Power Ranger Battle Gear Items (38035, 38045, 38030, 38050, 38065), the Deluxe Legendary Morphed (38000), the Deluxe Legendary Megaspore (38095) and other Power Rangers Super Mega force Zord Builder items (38070, 38080, 38090, 38110)! Each sold separately.

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