No Parking Any Time Tow Away Zone Sign 12 X 18 Heavy Gauge Aluminum Signs

All prices for 'No Parking Any Time Tow Away Zone Sign 12 X 18 Heavy Gauge Aluminum Signs' include the approximate cost of delivery to an address within the UK.

This is a 12" x 18" heavy gauge aluminum sign designed for long lasting outdoor use. The sign is manufactured with radius corners and has predrilled mounting holes for easy installation. All our signs are in stock are ready to ship immediately. Proudly Manufactured in the U.S.A. by SignMission.


This is a brand new 12"x18" metal sign. Great signs that look great posted anywhere at home, office, desk, locker, etc. Perfect for your business, office, or parking lot! Large 12 x 18Signs made from Aluminum metal and UV inks.


Funny No Soliciting Door Sign For Your Front Door or Gate! This funny No Soliciting novelty door sign is made so that your message remains clear and visible. Bold text with the contrasting colors is sure to grab attention as well as encourage unwanted visitors to go away. 30cm wide x 45cm tall. Top Quality Material Made from High-Density Polyethylene Plastic (Google it, this is the stuff that corrosion-resistant piping is made from, AKA TOUGH AS NAILS PLASTIC) is heavily resistant to all weather (snow, sleet, hail, rain, the apocalypse.

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