Lola Cosmetics

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PRODUCT 100% ORIGINAL FROM BRAZIL It was inspired by the American Milk Bars of the 50's. Cool girls should use to have their hair aligned, hydrated and shiny, ready to happen in any ballad or to hypnotize in a two-way encounter. If your hair gets tangled and shrunken, HAIR BTOX VINTAGE GIRLS makes it deliciously smooth and easy to comb. Lola Vintage Girls Smoothing Cream 850g Hair Vintage Lola Cosmetics - Volume Reduction Brush - Formol-Free ABOUT HAIR COLORS Can be used on all hair tones: black, brown, red and blond.


PRODUCT 100% ORIGINAL FROM BRAZIL You will get: - 1KG Morte Subita Intense Hydrating Mask The Morte Subita mask is perfect for and ideal for deep hydration. The Morte Subita has a very powerful blend of hair oils and hair mask Lola is the best position to step nutrition. The Morte Subita formula has assets such as Coconut Oil, Hydrolyzed Protein, Aloe Vera and Panthenol, which together penetrate the hair, fortifying and serving as a hair loss treatment, keeping hair healthier, brighter and healthier.

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