Journey On The Magic Bus

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The Magic Bus came into to being to spread love, peace, and joy to all who see. It has beautiful hand-painted pictures and words sending messages of love and happiness. Georgia and Isaac are two gorgeous children who live in the light. Their messages of love came to me visit after visit. All children are special, and all have the right to shine. These messages of love will guide them all to live in the light and have a wonderful time.

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The Magic School Bus and Ms. Frizzle take Young Scientists on a wild ride into the human body with these breathtaking experiments. Young Scientists bend bones, make joints, map taste buds, expand lungs, build a stethoscope, measure lung capacities and heart rates, perform the iodine starch test, spin glitter, simulate synovial fluid, create a human body poster, and much, much more! This exciting kit includes a life-size poster with eight sheets of body part stickers.


Hop on board for fun with the alphabet, early vocabulary, motor skills and learning songs! Make a movement or touch a sensor to activate the bus and get the learning journey rolling. Switch between 3 modes: Learning, Letter Exploration and Music, which includes fun sing-along songs about the alphabet, motion and more. Teaches: Letter names Letter sounds Early vocabulary Animals and instruments Creative music play Teaches: Letter names Animal names & sounds Motor skills Music Suitable for ages 2 Years

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