Im Not A Psychopath Ceramic Mug

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Show your true colors with a morphing mug. Just plain black in color when it's cold, this magical 11 oz. mug will turn white and reveal your design only when filled with a hot beverage. Just add your coffee or tea, and watch your images come to life in vibrant color. 100% Ceramic. come in 11 Ounce with black handle.


Well hello there! Thanks for looking at our mug range you cheeky bunch. Key points of interest If the mugs are particularly naughty then we have displayed the image as a censored version for you well behaved lot out there :) PLEASE BE WARNED: The mug you will receive will be uncensored if it has any naughty words on the display image. A bit about us and the mugs We are a bunch of creative Designers and Printers that have a personality believe it or not.

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