Icon By Queen

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An unofficial paper-doll book featuring two cut-out Debbie Harry dolls, and many outfits within its pages, all drawn by artist Mel Elliott. Simply cut out the dolls and attach the outfits with the paper tabs! This set of paper dolls honours Debbie Harry, who deserves all the love: the Blondie singer and songwriter is just fab, still making music and rocking out after all these years.


Inspired by the iconic Spaceship Earth Ride (the big golf ball) in the Disney Epcot theme park, this design will bring back great memories every time you see it! Look amazing in this trendy and comfortable tie-back swimsuit swimsuit. This one-piece swimsuit is strapless and features a waist tie, making it extra easy to get that perfect fit. The strapless neckline is elegant and perfect for getting a great tan.

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