Go Game With Wood Board

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The Ancient Egyptians developed the first set of marbles, creating a game that is every bit as enjoyable and popular today as it was centuries ago. With our Handmade Indian Round Wooden Game Board Gifts Set with Glass Marbles, you can enjoy this traditional game while adding an exquisite decoration to your decor.The Handmade Indian Round Wooden Game Board Gifts Set with Glass Marbles is entirely hand crafted by talented woodworkers from the Utar Pradesh region of North India.


A wood board with nice oak effect finish 28.5cm x 30cm (11.25x11.75 inches) complete with plastic black and white playing pieces.

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Travel version of a famous strategic game GO - version for enthusiasts: Enclosure with magnets. Legendary Chinese strategy game. Our most popular GO set makes an excellent beginner's set! Professional grid 19x19 lines. Wooden stones. Special box for stones with separator. English basic rules included. Opened Goban dimensions: 32 x 32 x 3 cm / 12,6 x 12,6 x 1,2 inches Closed Goban dimensions: 32 x 16 x 6 cm / 12,6 x 6,3 x 2,4 inches OBJECTIVE: Dominate the field, surrounding and eating the opponent's stones.

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