General Grievous Star Wars 2010 Saga Legends Action Figure

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Measuring approximately 3 inches tall, Saga Legends 2010 Series 01 - SL09 General Grievous features multiple points of articulation, and is accompanied by character-specific accessories and a nameplate display base. Clad in a molded plastic floor-length cape, General Grievous is equipped with blaster pistol and staff. Harvested from among the horrific wreckage of a staged shuttle accident, General Grievous is a cyborg composed of a duranium alloy body with synthskin-bagged vital organs and LX-44 robotic legs.


General Grievous flees Coruscant aboard his flagship after kidnapping Chancellor Palpatine. In an attempt to stop him, Anakin and Obi-Wan crash-land aboard the ship but are captured by Grievous forces. The two Jedi fight their way out of this mess, and Grievous escapes to the Utapau system.

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