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This set of three includes a pet leash, water bottle and a roll of plastic bags that are great to accompany you when taking your pet out for a walk and/or camping. The pet leash has a built-in light that lends convenience during evening walks and is designed for pets up to 35 kg. Its length can be easily changed and extended up to 450 cm. The set comes with 10 pieces of garbage bags and an easy-to-use water bottle with a sturdy dispensing tray to ensure that your pet(s) remain hydrated on the go.


Say NO to Ripping Bin Bags Begin Your Healthy Style with Meidong Bin Liners 🍀 Larger Size 50L bin bags, 61×70cm, large enough to fit well in most European bins or cans. Hold as much garbage as possible. 🍀 Strengthened Thickness Comes in 0.79 min in thickness. No ripping when the bags hold heavy stuff. 🍀 No Scent Made from materials that carry no scent to keep air fresh and contribute to your health.

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