Frying Pans

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Using cutting-edge non-stick technology, we’ve created a pan with unparalleled heat distribution with class leading levels of durability and scratch-resistance.  We already know that cooking without the need to add any fat or oil makes meals healthier and cleaning-up quicker, but Copper Stone Pans heat up faster too, stay hotter for longer and cook more evenly, giving you the perfect non-stick experience on any kind of hob.


This stunning set of 3 Frying pans made by Bergner San Ignacio is made of pressed aluminium which is 2.5mm thick has a copper coating and non stick interior the set consists of 3 frying pans 1 x 20cm pan (height 4.2cm) 1 x 24 cm frying pan (height 5cm) 1 x 28cm frying pan (height 5.5cm) The pans are suitable to be used on all hobbs inclusive of induction hob(up to 400 degrees) The interior has a non stick coating which is 100% POFA free Hollow stainless steel handles which are riveted to the pans, stops the heat travelling up the handle Features: Bergner Proffesional Chef Copper limited edition Set of 3 Can be used on all hobs including induction

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