Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion And

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The big plus: our new formula now helps strengthen skin's own moisture barrier, so more moisture stays in. Skin feels soft, springy and has a healthy-looking glow. Volume: 50ml Fragrance free


Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion by Clinique is designed for very dry to dry combination skin. Its lightweight formula is packed with moisture to keep skin thoroughly moisturised and strong. It is non-greasy, leaves no residue and is easy to apply. Skin levels are returned to normal and remains moisturised all day long. The skin is repaired to help lock in all that moisture.


This lightweight lotion from Clinique is easily absorbed and helps to keep moisture locked in keeping skin hydrated and healthy throughout the day. Skin is strengthened and moisture balance restored with no greasy residue left behind. To use: Apply morning and evening to the face and throat all over or where needed. For best results apply after Steps 1 and 2 of Clinique's 3 Step System.

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