Charlie Chan The Secret Service The Chinese Cat The Jade Mask

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Charlie Chan - 3 Classic Movies: The Secret Service / The Chinese Cat / The Jade Mask - Digitally RemasteredTHE SECRET SERVICE: In this espionage-filled whodunit, the eccentric Chinese detective (Sidney Toler), constantly bedeviled by his in-the-way children, must find the Master Spy responsible for an inventor's murder.THE CHINESE CAT: Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler) and Number Three Son (Benson Fong) are chased through a veritable labyrinth of fun house tricks after coming to the aid of a damsel in distress (Joan Woodbury)THE JADE MASK: Charlie Chan (Sidney Toler), his pseudo-intellectual Number Four Son (Edwin Luke) and panicky partner (Mantan Moreland) find themselves at odds with an entire family while investigating a brilliant scientist's murder.


Product Description Collection of six adventures for the famous Honolulu detective Charlie Chan. In 'Charlie Chan and the Chinese Cat' (1944), a murder takes place apparently in a locked room, and Chan's efforts to unravel the mystery lead to a confrontation in a crazy house of fun. In 'Charlie Chan in the Secret Service' (1944), Chan joins forces with the government to investigate the mysterious death of a famous inventor.

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