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Keep your DSLR Clean and Prolong the Life of Your Equipment The CamKix professional DSLR cleaning kit offers an array of tools to help you keep your camera and lenses clean and fully functional. The air blower allows you to remove dust and dirt from the delicate parts of your camera without having to touch them with potentially harmful materials or substances.


Brand : Clever dog Technical Support Any problem if you may face please contact us and our technical team will respond shortly with fullsupport.Please quote your order number and fault to [email protected] Specification Full-duplex Speech Two way Lens: 1/3 Inch CMOS,[email protected], Angle Diagonal 92° HorizontaI 80° VerticaI60° Video Compression: H.264 Resolution: 720*[email protected] WiFi:IEEE802.


Summer vacation gift for student Budding filmmakers - create your HD masterpiece! If you fancy yourself a bit of a Spielberg or Tarantino - if you find yourself yelling "cut!" during your son's football match, climbing trees to get the best angle for your shot or rolling along on a skateboard in order to achieve a smooth panning shot - then you need an HD Digital Camera! Despite the fact that all smartphones, tablets and cameras now have the ability to record video,take photos, sometimes there is just no substitute for the real thing.

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