Brooks Ghost 4 Running Shoes 10

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The Brooks Ghost 10 is a neutral running shoe offering exceptional cushioning for a soft, comfortable and smooth ride. The 10th version of the Ghost has a new dynamic midsole construction that adapts to each foot strike.


Reliable cushioning built for your daily running needs, the Brooks Ghost 10 GTX continues to offer a fantastic training experience on the roads. In order to deliver an adaptive underfoot sensation, the Ghost 10 GTX offers slightly modified BioMoGo DNA cushioning that now features a new two-piece midsole. Along with deeper Omega Flex Grooves, and a water resistant Gore-Tex upper, this shoe deliver.


The Brooks Ghost 10 has been designed to align your body's gait at the same time as cushioning your foot and offering the most adaptable fit.� The revamped upper has been altered so that it is made up of less stitching and on the breathable mesh to make it more lightweight and reduce the risk of rubbing on your foot.�

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