Battlestar Galactica The Board Game Pegasus Expansion

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This is our latest game card sleeve, the USA Chimera Game Sleeves 57.5 X 89 MM (100 pack). This sleeve set is 100 sleeves per pack and retails for $2.25 per pack. This is designed to protect any card that is sized at 57.5 X 89 MM or smaller. Included in this size are:7 Ages: 6000 Years of Human HistoryAcquire (1976 version)Adventurers, TheAgoraAndroidApples to ApplesArkham Horror: Black GoatArkham Horror Board GameArkham Horror: Dark PharaohArkham Horror: DunwichArkham Horror: InnsmouthArkham Horror: King In YellowArkham Horror: Kingsport HorrorBattlestar GalacticaBattlestar Galactica - Pegasus ExpansionBrawlChaos In The Old WorldCitadelsClueClue -1st Edition 1949 Classic ReproductionColossal ArenaCondottiereCosmic EncounterDescent - Alter of DespairDescent - Road to LegendDescent - Tomb Of IceDescent Journeys In The DarkDescent -Well Of DarknessElfenlandEmpire Builder (2002 Edition)Fairy Tale (Zman)FrenzyFury of DraculaGreat Wall Of ChinaHysteriCoachLetter of MarqueLimitsLittle Grey RabbitMare NostrumMiddle Earth QuestModern Art (Mayfair Version)NexusNobody But Us ChickensPitR-EcoRackoRack-ORisk -Lord of the Rings VersionRunebound - Expansion DecksRunebound - Frozen WastesRunebound - Island of DreadRunebound - Sands of Al-KalimRunebound Second EditionSenjiSetSet: Family Game of Visual PerceptionShazammSlide 5 (Slide Five)StarcraftStarcraft - Brood WarTales of Arabian NightsToo Many CooksUnion PacificUS Patent 1Witch Trial


The Pegasus expansion adds two new supplemental game boards featuring the Battlestar Pegasus and the planet of New Caprica seven new characters a new Cylon Locations overlay two plastic Basestars as well as new Destination Crisis Loyalty Quorum Super Crisis and Skill cards. The new Pegasus board can be used by itself or together with the New Caprica board to create the game you desire -- use the Pegasus alone for the additional firepower she provides or add the New Caprica board to simulate the rebellion on the human colony bringing the game to an epic level.

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