12 Flameless Votive Candles Battery Operated Flickering Led Tea Light

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Oria battery operated candles are flame-less energy-saving candle, as there are no flame or hot wax and easy to use simply turn on by a switch at the bottom, these LED tea lights can be used in anywhere, such as household with kids or pets around. No worry about an open flame or molten wax. The electric candles design are very attractive, can be used with votive holders or pillar candle holders, which is versatile for various occasion, such as used in restaurants romantic dinner, wedding, party, festival decorations.


Tired of Traditional Candles that Melt, Drip, Smoking, risk of fire when Lighting.And always worried though about fire danger or any dangerous accident that may happen?Then Look No Further, Because GBATERI Brings You the Battery Tea Lights Decoration Solution! ●Features: They provide an exceptional decorating effect for all kinds of events.Very easy to use, these LED Tea Light can be turned on and off by the flick of a switch.

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