The Forsyte Saga Series 2

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Gina McKee, Ioan Grufford, Damian Lewis and Rupert Graves star in this TV adaptation of John Galsworthy's classic story of London society in the early years of the twentieth century. Soames Forsyte (Lewis) is a partner in the family law firm and a resolut


The second series of The Forsyte Saga, based on John Galsworthy's To Let, moves the story of the sprawling, fractious and aristocratic Forsyte family into the 1920s. The drama shifts to a new generation shouldering the burdensome legacies of an aging Soames (Damian Lewis) and his failed marriage to free-spirited Irene (Gina McKee). The lovely Fleur (Emma Griffiths Malin), Soames' daughter by second wife Annette (Beatriz Batarda), and strapping Jon (Lee Williams), son of Irene and Soames' bohemian cousin, Jolyon (Rupert Graves), develop a romance much to the dismay of their feuding parents.

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