Wow Wow Wubbzy Best Of Collection

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Join Wubbzy and all of his Wuzzleburg friends in the biggest and best Wubbzy collection ever! Widget is the busiest builder and fix-it whiz, Walden knows all about science and art, Daizy is the sweet girly-girl next door and Wubbzy is the fun, lovable and curious little guy who is always looking to play, play, play! It's the ultimate Wubb-fest with 28 total episodes and over 4 hours of fun, plus plenty of singing, dancing, coloring and activity sheets and more! Includes: "Best of Wubbzy", "Best of Widget", "Best of Walden" and "Best of Daizy".

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Join Wubbzy and all his friends as they you take to far away lands and strike up the most Wubbtastic Adventures you've ever seen! This 4-disc set includes the funnest, besty-best, and Wubbzyest episodes of The Emmy(R)-award winning series that puts the WOW! WOW! back into pre-school entertainment! "Wubbzy Saves the Day": Join Wubbzy on his most heroic adventures yet as he hosts a bird-watching slumber party, has a memorable picnic in the park with Daizy and Widget, solves his own nose-y dilemma, and much more! "Escape from Dino Island": Wubbzy and his friends are heading out on a mysterious adventure! Join the Wuzzleburg gang as they voyage to Dino Island in Widget's Wavy Wheeler 3000, explore Wazumboo Jungle and try to control a Doodleberry patch that has gone Wow! Wow! WILD! "Wubbzy and the Fire Engine": Wubbzy has a fire engine adventure with Widget, delivers Daizy's doodleberry treats, re-builds a house with Ty Ty The Tool Guy (voiced by Ty Pennington of "Extreme Home Makeover") and much more! There's plenty of singing, dancing and friendly firemen too! Climb aboard for tons of fun that pre-schoolers and parents will love again and again in "Wubbzy & The Fire Engine!" "Pirate Treasure": Set sail for adventure as Wubbzy and his friends discover a whole new world of fun in this collection of wild escapades and silly songs from the Nick Jr.

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