Unknown Edge Of Darkness

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"Unknown": The star of "Taken" and "The A-Team" jumps back into action with brute force! Liam Neeson plays Dr. Martin Harris, who awakens after a car accident in Berlin to discover that his wife (January Jones) suddenly doesn't recognize him and another man (Aidan Quinn) has assumed his identity. Ignored by disbelieving authorities and hunted by mysterious assassins, he finds himself alone, tired and on the run.

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Join the continuing adventures of Hylian and the rest of the 234th, as they pursue the Cyclonians throughout the galaxy. A distress call from a far-off region of space brings them to an unknown place, filled with amazing sights, but thwarted with terrifyi

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"James Shea brings us to the edge of the unknown and points into the darkness, until our eyes adjust and we see that he is pointing at himself, already there. These poems make me wish I had the same dreams Shea has; after reading this book it seems possible-anything does."-Nick Flynn

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