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'Your children are not your children, for they dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit even in your dreams.' Reportedly based on a line from a David Bowie song, Roger Price s science fiction series for children enthralled a legion of fans in the 1970s. The adventures of John, Stephen and Liz are still fondly remembered as one of the most imaginative and popular childrens programmes of all time.

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Welcome to the next stage of human evolution. Not your everyday Homo sapiens, the Tomorrow People are Homo superiors, children with amazing powers--here in our world TODAY. Originally broadcast in the 1970s, THE TOMORROW PEOPLE introduced British television viewers to an instant cult classic in Sci-Fi adventuring. Imagine young Stephen's surprise when he learns he is actually one of the Tomorrow People, teenagers with powers of telekinesis, teleportation (called jaunting), and telepathy.

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