The Dean Martin Christmas Show

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Imagine if you had to call the cops to restore law and order - and Jerry Lewis shows up? In his first film without former longtime partner Dean Martin, Lewis plays Sidney Pythias, a bumbling janitor caught up in the middle of a gang rumble. Mistaken for a member of the switchblade set, Sidney is encouraged to undergo a 180-degress transformation - from street hoodlum to full-fledged policeman! Darren McGavin ("A Christmas Story") is the reluctant law enforcement officer who must mold Lewis into a respectable man-in-blue at the Police Academy.

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"> A famed star of the silver screen, television icon, Grammyr Award-winning singing sensation and member of the renowned Rat Pack, Dean Martin's show business legacy is legendary. His musical career features such classics as Ain't That A Kick In The Head, That's Amore, Mambo Italiano, Everybody Loves Somebody, Sway, Volare, and more, releasing dozens of album recordings over his lifetime.

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