The Beloved Of Isis

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Striking collage illustrations bring to life a boy's comparisons of his beloved cat to Isis, goddess of Egyptian myth. The goddess Isis was the revered daughter of the earth and sky. The cat Isis is a family pet who is just as special. This dazzling work of paper- and photo-collage, painting and pen-and-ink illustration is both an homage to a beloved feline and a journey into the realm of Ancient Egyptian myth and the goddess Isis.

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"BELOVED LOTUS "Sarah Nightingale has written an intriguing novel which delves into the psyche of the woman Isis whose desire to reach her destination leads her on a dangerous journey. Set against the backdrop of a fascinating period in ancient Egyp

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Through ignorance, racism and selfish lobbies, Americans lost their freedom of speech. Fear of accusation closed the mouths of the powerful. In 2036 Isis easily created a Caliphate and introduced Sharia law. If students objected, one would be beheaded in front of a class. Rule by fear expanded. In one 5th grade class friends realized that their generation would be the last to save their beloved country.

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